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DHL is one of the largest international logisticscompanies in the world. DHL’s international team consists of600,000 professionals who work in 220 different countries andregions, all with the same passion for logistics, to grow thecompany.

At our location in Tiel we work forIntergamma. Intergamma is the organization behind the brands GAMMAand Karwei. We ensure that the stores are stocked as best aspossible.


Would you like to work at one of thelargest international logistics companies, DHL in Tiel? This ispossible via Olympia! We are looking for all-roundwarehouse employees who can get started right away. Do you want tobe part our team? Read on and contactus! 

At DHL in Tiel we work for the customerIntergamma. DHL takes care of the entire logistics process. Fromorder picking to loading and unloading containers, everything iscovered. 

We work in 2 shiftsevery day. The morning shift works from 6 a.m.to 3 p.m. and the afternoon shift from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. We askthat you are available at least 4 days aweek. 

How does your working day start? Whenyou arrive at work, you will have all your things in order so thatyou can get to work safely. Together with your team and team leaderyou have a startup every day. You will discuss together what thevolumes are for that day and whether there are any specialfeatures. Is everything clear? Grab your things and get started!Together you take care of the entire logisticsprocess.


  • You master the Dutch or Englishlanguage
  • You are available in 2 shifts for atleast 4 days a week
  • You have an EPT certificateor you are willing to get oneinternally 
  • You are willing to do physicalwork

It is useful if you have a caror bicycle to get to the location. The location is not accessibleby public transport.


  • A salary of €13.27 gross perhour
    • Do you have experience in logistics? Thenthere is an opportunity to start in a higherscale
    • Shift allowance of 130% from 6 p.m.:€17.21 euros gross perhour
  • Travel allowancefrom the first km
  • Holiday pay accrual of8%
  • Holiday days accrual of10%
  • Parttime and fulltimeoptions
  • The possibility of taking internaltraining courses and obtaining certificates
  • Acontract from Olympia on a temporary basis with a chance of beingtaken over by DHL if you function well
  • Careeropportunities at DHL and/orOlympia

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